Geographer & Kill Moi at NightLife (California Academy of Sciences)

Last night, I went to see one of my favorite SF bands, Geographer, perform within walking distance of my house. Unfortunately, it was not to be–once I arrived at the venue, I found out that they were not scheduled to perform until after midnight. As much as I might claim to be a super hero, I definitely can’t do that sort of thing anymore unless it is planned out much further in advance, as I have to get up early to go to work.

As bummed as I am to have missed last night’s performance, I feel much better after preparing today’s blog post, which features photos from Geographer’s performance with fellow SF band Kill Moi at the NightLife at the California Academy of Sciences on September 23rd, 2010. It’s no secret that I enjoy shooting at the Academy of Sciences, particularly when they have outdoor shows–and it should be evident why, from the lush colors and beautiful backdrop.

I shot several shows at the Academy in 2010, and all of them yielded beautiful photos, but there was magic in the air on this night. Can’t you feel it? Enjoy this set & don’t forget to click on “view full post” to see the entire entry!

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