Published in No Tofu Magazine (Scans)

File this under “things that are cool” — a few months ago, several of my photos were featured in a New York-based print magazine called No Tofu. The best part? My rad friend, SF-based journalist Jen Verzosa, wrote  the accompanying article (in fact, she got me the gig). So not only did I get to help out my friend and benefit from it myself, but now I have beautiful digital copies of what was published in the magazine.

The first spread below is the actual article with the published photos. The second spread is the magazine’s cover & masthead. My name is included in the masthead portion, which is why I included it here. Being published in print is exciting, as 99% of my work is digital and never leaves the internet. There is something about print media, and that’s why I hope it never actually goes away. We’d lose something huge, something really tactile and real and substantive. Do you agree?

Anyway, here are the spreads. Enjoy!


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