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Back in September Scott & I had the enormous honor of stepping in for a friend and shooting her cousin’s wedding. You’ll understand why this wasn’t any skin off my back in just a moment: this wedding, an intimate 35-guest affair, took place on the beach in Malibu in late summer. Shoot a wedding in paradise? Twist my arm!

There were so many incredibly unique elements to Karen & Paul’s wedding. From Bernie, their “best dog” (who really was the best dog) being the only member of the wedding party, to the laid back morning prep at the beachfront property they’d rented for the day, to the delay in ceremony because of catering and ring snafus (did I mention yet that this wedding took place on the “monster” full moon of 2012? It’s not a surprise that so many things became unpredictable!) that resulted in the wedding itself almost being washed away in the quickly rising tide … it was an eventful afternoon that every person at the wedding handled with a wonderful attitude. It was such a wonderfully intimate atmosphere. Karen & Paul, living and loving from different continents (he lives in Australia), had such a tangible love for each other, stolen glances and beautiful kisses and so much joy in the moment. Paul also reunited with his beloved brother after a multi-year separation, and the amount of brotherly affection was really incredible to watch, particularly from my perspective as an only child who never knew a sibling relationship.

This is what I love about weddings: they bring people together in endlessly complex and different ways, and most of the time, they come together at their very best and celebrate something purely happy. Experiencing families & friends in their best moments together is magical. Being able to be there for Karen & Paul on their day, though we hadn’t even met until the rehearsal, and in essence become part of their intimate tribe was very special to the both of us. We’re going to forever remember this wedding and the friends we made that night.

I’m  just now finishing up the edits on this wedding (losing my sweet cat in November threw a wrench in my ability to even edit for weeks), and in so many ways this was simply a fairy tale wedding. Here’s a sneak peek of Karen & Paul’s wedding weekend on September 28th & 29th — enjoy, and I can’t wait to share highlights from the entire wedding with you in the coming weeks!

January 31, 2013 - 1:30 pm

Robert Fiorito - Very nicely done. Karen’s dad.

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