The Hundred Days at Cafe Du Nord

I have been remiss in posting to this blog lately, and I have a TON of amazing shows to post here–soon! For now, let me show you some photos from a truly magnificent show I went to last Saturday evening. Unfortunately, my large 8GB memory card is currently missing (I know, but I guarantee its lost somewhere inside my house, so its just a matter of finding it), so I only have the small number of photos I took on my 4GB card to present at this point. Good thing those photos are gorgeous!

I’ve never seen Cafe Du Nord look as amazing, or be so photographer-friendly, as it was on Saturday night. I was there to check out the entire scene, but the main draw that night was one of my very favorite bay area bands, The Hundred Days. This band is the most amazing combination of (as I put it on Saturday night) “The Cure and a whole [ton] of unicorns.” I hold unicorns in very high esteem (yes, I am that much of a nerd) so it was quite a compliment, but also, it was a way of expressing that part of why I love this band are because of “the intangibles” that can’t easily be verbalized. Their rad live shows don’t hurt, either.

Until I find my other CF card, these are all the photos I have of this show–but enjoy them (I think you will!):

UPDATE: I found my CF card–and it was, of course, in my camera bag all along. Check out more photos after the jump:

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