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  • Hello there,

    My name is Amber. I'm a wedding, portrait and event photographer currently living in San Francisco, California with my husband Scott and two tuxedo cats. I LOVE taking photos, which should be obvious, and have been doing so in the bay area for nearly fifteen years.

    I am creative, energetic, and find great joy in my work. I break the ice at engagement shoots by letting my famous mouth run and seeing what comes out -- don't worry, some of it manages to be funny! I would love to get to know you better and take your photo. I'm naturally inquisitive and versatile, and love photographing everything from traditional/ethnic wedding ceremonies to the weirdest of San Francisco underground performance art, to couples portraits and burlesque head shots. What I'm saying is I'm up for anything -- try me!

Stripmall Architecture at Milk

I had the pleasure of shooting one of my favorite bay area bands, Stripmall Architecture, at Milk bar on Haight Street last Saturday night, and it was an evening filled with beautiful music, awesome visuals, equally awesome people, and–best of all (to the photographer)–amazing, phenomenal lighting! I’d never shot at Milk before, but I am really excited to shoot there again. I know the great lighting had mostly to do with Stripmall Architecture’s great sound guy, but man, the layout at Milk has something to do with it as well (really, I think it does!).

Enjoy these photos from Stripmall Architecture’s show at Milk on Saturday night. I’ll be writing a review about the show that will publish tomorrow, and I’ll add a link to that review here when it goes live.

Dancefloor Executives at Harlot

I went to Harlot, a bar/small music venue in San Francisco, last Thursday to shoot a friend of a friend’s group, Dancefloor Executives. I went into it not knowing what to expect—especially since it was one of two shows I was shooting that night—but I was seriously blown away by this music! Andy (my friend), who you can see in the last of these “sneak peek” photos, even had to tell me to “stop raving!” at one point. I guess you can never really take all the rave out of the girl, after all.

Enjoy this preview of my photo set from Harlot!

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Wallpaper at Popscene SF

This show was even more fun than I thought it was going to be–and being side stage, one of only a couple of photographers present and using a rented external flash for the first time at a show, I was in heaven. A totally sweaty, disco-fied funky heaven. Sounds like my kind of place!